Purifying The Air
Clean and Healthy Air

The Agriculture Challenge

Mold is a common problem affecting crop production in many ways. If even a single spore enters your grow house, curing room or production facility, it can quickly become a serious and costly problem.

The Dusmit solution is designed to eliminate 100% of all spores and other contagions which may arrive through your air intake. While also purifying the internal airflow to mitigate any infestation which have been carried in through other means such as contaminated soil.

The Respiratory Health Challenge

Over One Billion people suffer from respiratory allergy symptoms caused by various allergens from dust mites to mold.

Viruses and bacteria and other contagions cause diseases, allergies and respiratory disorders mainly in closed premises. 

All the current solutions require consistent upkeep, produce harmful side effects and are not even completely effective!

The Solution

DUSMIT purification device treat noxious organisms without the use of filters

Treats indoor air, cleans it of all Mold and Bacteria spores of any kind, viruses, and any other organism that can affect crops, produce and personnel health. Creating a healthy environment enables cultivating clean greenhouse crops while improving yield and quality. Can be installed as modular stand alone machine or be HVAC integrated.


How To (Not) Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There are many methods to try and reduce your dust mite exposure, here are some good ones from the Mayo Clinic. The thing is, none of them are 100% and all the 'good' ones produce side effects or at best

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Viruses and Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are a common cause of infectious disease acquired indoors, since they can be easily transmitted, especially in crowded, poorly ventilated environments. Viral transmission routes are diverse, and include direct contact with infected persons, indirect contact with contaminated

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Respiratory Allergy

Allergy is a chronic disease which comes as a strong reaction to Foreign particles that enters the body or comes with contact with the skin . These particles are called allergens and they cause different kinds of allergies:  pets' allergy

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DUSMIT purification device treat noxious organisms without the use of filters.

Offering allergy patients and people with a weak immune system a better living, minimizing allergy symptoms and asthma attacks

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